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The Golden Weavers Weave The Cosmic Fabric

Updated: May 14

It’s coming together, the weaving is always happening. It’s hard to see the cosmic stitching because so oftentimes we think that the seems are falling apart around us. Sometimes that is exactly what we need to support our growth, our movement forward, our spiritual evolution. We came into this life to realize one thing, our greatness. Our power and strength that we possess is bigger than this lifetime. We have been cultivating our skills, power, strength and greatness for lifetimes. This is not your first go around, your first life, or your first body. You’ve been coming back to Earth school time and time again to learn something that you were unable to learn when you are divine un-manifested consciousness. That unique feeling of oneness is the feeling that draws you back to your own soul in this lifetime.

Yelapa Waterfall with Inner Warrior Retreats
Yelapa Waterfall Inner Warrior Retreats

We seek the familiar, and our soul knows the feeling that we came here to experience. We know at the deepest part of our soul, the feeling of oneness and we seek it throughout our life. Oftentimes in un-evolved relationships where we become codependent, this is not oneness. We often find ourselves disconnected from this oneness and feeling lost and scared. Although we come from the oneness, it is not what we came to Earth to experience. We came to Earth to experience the polarity of this planet, the powerful manifestation Energy. To understand what aloneness is, as well as oneness. We came here to experience independence to experience the corporeal form of the human body. We oftentimes get caught up in the experience of life, and forget that we are multidimensional beings that chose this situation, circumstance, life and body.

It’s time to awaken from your sleeping slumber. Awaken the power, strength, and light that is within. Awakening your light body and with it, awakening the hidden gifts. The gifts that you’ve been cultivating for lifetimes. The gifts that lie beneath the surface, but these are the things that you came in share, embody and ignite the light in others. When we choose to awaken, it ignites the fire within us. It ignites the light within us. It ignites a fire that can blaze and transform. We can use this fire to clear our inner forest and prepare ourself to connect within. When this fire is tempered and wielded for your use, you can transform mountains within yourself. We can use this powerful energy and our unique soul gifts to be the change that we wish to see in the world.

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