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Whispers From The Soul...

That every moment of every day is preparing you for that moment when you remember.

Kerry Tice Snorkeling in Mexico
Kerry Tice

What you came to this lifetime for. You came into this life for more than the physical and the body. You came into this life for more than just your friends and your family. You came here with a burning flame of desire to experience something that you were unable to to get ahold of last lifetime. So you’re back. You have to decide whether it will be a rerun life or if you’ll take control of you destiny and complete the soul mission that you came here to finish. So, you weren’t ready last lifetime. It might have been too heavy or too much. You may not have been ready before, but you are certainly ready now. The lessons that you did learn before you incarnated prepared you for this lifetime. For these lessons and you are activating soul gifts within you. These gifts have been waiting. Patiently awaiting your arrival. Your remembrance. You remembering that you are a multifaceted creature that is capable of far more than meets the eye. You are strong beyond measure. You have the brilliance or 10,000 suns. If you could see yourself, you would be shocked and amazed…and likely blinded by your own power. By your own inner light. So let that light shine forth, light the gifts that you were mean to possess this lifetime come forth. Invite yourself back home. Invite all of your back through embodying this lifetime. Through getting to know the true you and through this activation all of you will awaken.

The deepest darkest parts of you have been waiting for this moment right here. For you to decide that enough is enough and it’s time to stop dipping my toe in the proverbial pool and it’s time to take a good run and jump right in. It’s time to have the faith that if you jump, the net will appear. We must be like a modern entrepreneur. Jump first and then come up with the plan. We cannot wait until we think we are completely ready. We cannot wait until we feel like it’s time. It will never be the right time in your life to make a change. You have to make that decision and open that door. It’ll never feel like you’re completely ready… since you’ve been cultivating these skills for a lifetime, it can seem like a daunting task. Especially when you’ve forgotten what it is you came here to do in the first place. So sit. Sit with yourself and remember.

Remember your glory and have a remembrance of the mighty magnificence that is deep within. You are a star builder. A Dream maker and anything short of that is not you. That is your human self trying to put limits on this lifetime. Stray away from them and step into your multifaceted self.

You are as magnificent as a beautiful crystal and your beauty is more than skin deep. Dig deeper and find brilliance. Dig deeper and find an endless pool of love and joy. All of this is available to you, just beneath the surface. So many of us keep such muddied and choppy waters that if your soul were to speak to you, you would not be able to hear it. It would be like picking up a whisper during a hurricane wind. The sound is there but you cannot hear it. That was happens when we don’t stop to listen. Spend time with yourself and you will awaken the hidden potential that is within. Spend time with you and you’ll find that there’s more than meets the surface and you could spend the rest of your time just enjoying your own company.

So what are you waiting for? The water to be just the right temperature? A friend to give you the invitation. Consider this the message and this is the sign. It’s time. If it’s meant to be, it’s got to be me.

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