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What does my soul want me to know about resilience?

Kerry Tice in Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary
Kerry Tice at Elephant Sanctuary (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

🤕Oh no! I heard a loud crack and I was in excruciating pain. Little did I know that pain would be with me for years. After not getting better for a few months, I began to lose hope that I would ever get better. My pain was constant. I ached when I was driving, I suffered trying to lay on the after yoga. I had pain all the time. I couldn’t lay down at the end of yoga class, sleeping was terrible, the pain was. I thought my career was over before it started. I couldn’t sit on the floor, driving a car. It was a journey toward healing and being pain free. Through my journey of healing I learned so much about myself and even more about the power that we have within us to heal and to return to wholeness.

🪐The strength and wisdom of the entire cosmos is within you. The power of the stars and the planets are a microcosm within your body. We are made of star stuff, the same light that brightens the sky is within each of us. We have the ability to heal. To return to our natural state. Our natural state is of joy and love. When we take time to connect to the breath and to connect the breath intentionally, we can move mountains within ourself. Tapas (the eternal fire) can be a transformational energy with ourselves when consciously focused. We must wield this power for our transformation. We must step into the fire with the intention of being brought back to our state of wholeness. To our original state of a state of wholeness and love.

🌎We are ever changing beings in an ever changing world so we are always healing. We are always moving toward that state of wholeness. We change as the world changes, so we cannot expect to be the same our whole lives. Embrace the change and embrace the support of the universe. You are a child of the universe and it is your birthright to embrace this lifetime. Deep within each of us is a spark, an eternal flame. That flame was here long before you were here. Long before you signed the sacred contracts to entire this lifetime. That flame will be here long after you are gone. The eternal part of you that carries wisdom, gifts and love from previous lifetimes. It’s the part of you that has been waiting this whole lifetime for you to awaken. Awaken from its slumber your sleeping dragon. Awaken that beast that is within. Awaken the power that we have deep within us. Each of us is a star and that star stuff seeps out our pores. It seeps out of us in the quiet moments. We are too busy with our lives and with the hustle and bustle of modern paced life. That if we took the time to listen to our soul we would all be deeply touched.

🧘‍♂️We would be deeply nourished from the whispers from within. From the eternal well that is deep within. Take the time to connect with your soul, connect with others. Connect with others in life so that you may see in them what you may have forgotten in yourselves. Take the time to be with yourself. To truly be alone and quiet. It’s in the quiet moments that we can receive life’s most important messages and healings. Healing is happening. Healing is simply a state of returning to your wholeness. To return to your innocence. To remember that you are a child of a loving and supporting world. That the universe is there to support you every day. You have a team of workers that are in the waiting for you to awaken and ask for their help. Call in the help of your guides, ascended masters, ancestors, original custodians of the land.

🤸Our bodies are resilient. Our bodies can heal. We have within us the most powerful staff of wonders. Our spine has strength, resilience, it has its own power. Its own ability to provide healing. It has the ability to provide structure and support through our entire life. It has the strength to hold up to the test of time. Within the spine we contain a powerful healing that can be awakened. With conscious intention and breath, this energy that has been laying dormant can be awakened. Awakened to transform, to heal, to love. To activate parts of ourselves that are here to help. To align our energy systems to our sacred knowingness. Our cells have a resilience. When we feed our body high vibrational food, energy and intention.

Does this resonate with you? Drop your comments or ❤️ below 👇

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