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How to turn you Pain into your greatest Power. This is my Journey

Health is our greatest wealth. As is mobility. I want to share my journey with you and the reason I personally began my yoga & wellbeing path and I hope it inspires you to begin or move forward in your own.

Rewind to November 2019 And I had just fractured my heel into about 20 pieces. This just a few years after fracturing one of the vertebrae in my neck. How could this happen again?

The shame and pain I felt was unbearable. But it ignited a burning desire within me to learn, and heal. The emotional pain of thinking that all my dreams and goals were right out the door with the break was heavy. But I didn’t quite know then what I know now.

I shouldn’t be able to walk, let alone do the things that I do. But I didn’t take the traditional Western route. I didn’t listen to the doctor’s recommendation to do surgery. Instead, I listened to my intuition… hired a team of holistic healers to help me on my journey and I had the wisdom that my yoga instructors had imparted on me and my almost 20 years of being a professional athlete. I knew that I had a very arduous journey ahead of me, but I also knew how capable the body is of healing and that through my yoga I could find my way back from this devastating injury.

I realized how powerful yoga is in helping to heal the mind, body and the soul. And how I had a powerful platform that my teachers had arm

Kerry in Chiang Mai at the Elephant Sanctuary
Kerry in Thailand

ed me with. tools in life that really make a difference. I know that if these tools helped me in the state that I was in… they can help my students with the greatest needs. And this is what my aim each retreat is: to instill these invaluable life lessons in you.

The doctor said I should put a bolt in my foot. I declined. The doctor said I should cast the foot “to prevent further injury”. I declined. I threw everything and the kitchen sink at my foot. Twice weekly massage, homeopathic intramuscular injections, acupuncture, reiki, herbs, salves, LED light therapy. Even the doctor was amazed by my results. He said, I don’t know what it is that you’re doing… but you should keep doing it.

Through my journey and studies I have become an expert at healing my own body. I’ve dived deep into the state of pain, injury, healing and recovery to know first hand exactly how powerful a mindful and soulful journey can be. Through this journey to wellness, I discovered the untouched potential of my own soul, the healing potential of yoga and the power of mindfulness in making waves of changes in our lives.

I’m no stranger to facing my fears and I invite you to take that next step in facing yours. Be that physically, emotionally or mentally, and to best honest they all go hand in hand.

Take a step into the deep unknown with me and do something great for yourself. Turn your pain into your Power.

Take the time out for yourself so that you can reset. Commit to taking the time out for your self for the inner transformation and the journey of the soul. I know how difficult it can be living a human existence. It’s my goal to share the wisdom, knowledge and experience with my students so that they can live more soulful, integrated and happy lives.

Find your Inner Warrior!!

If you're ready to begin that journey, I invite you to join me in my upcoming Inner Warrior Retreat in Mexico September 23-28. Check out all the amazing things we will do!

🔥Morning hot yoga - rise and sweat our prayers

🦋Afternoon aerial yoga - soar and fly

🍽️Delicious & nourishing meals

🇲🇽Excursion to the Pueblo of Yelapa & waterfall

🌴Beach lunches on Playa de Yelapa

🏊Quimixto waterfall hike & swim

🐚Private access to Xinalani Beach

Please schedule a friendly discovery call with me, Kerry, your host - and I'll look forward to helping you with your next steps that will move you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. Get in touch even in Mexico dates are not suitable as we have many options and I like to learn more about you to see which fit is best!


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