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It's Better To Fail Than Never Try

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

"The story of two pieces of fabric and a dream..."

Aerial Yoga Hammocks Banyan Tree

I had debt and no was really tight since I was a new parent trying to make it in the world. The odds seemed completely stacked against me because they were. But I had a vision and my dream was bigger than my fear or lack of credit. This is the story of turning 20 yards of fabric into an Internationally renowned yoga teaching business that has transformed thousands of people's lives.

And you can join us if you dare to chase your dream.

When I first started my yoga business in 2012. It was in my backyard. I set up two yoga hammocks with the fabric I had leftover from a project and I started having classes. I turned two hammocks into four and then four into several. I had a growing and bustling little business that was the talk of Sarasota. Shortly after getting opened, I ran a social media deal... that was when the ball started rolling and I couldn't stop it if I wanted to.

With the money generated from my backyard, I was able to open a physical location. In that physical location, we began manufacturing my own designed aerial yoga hammock. Early on in my entrepreneurial adventure, I learned about a concept called bootstrapping. That's exactly what I did. I took the money we were earning and kept reinvesting back into the company. By the end of that year, I had amassed over $30,000. This became the seed of our current studio location, CircuSoul Yoga. We've been operating for over a decade and offering our community hot yoga, aerial yoga, teacher training, workshops, and transformational experiences.

CircuSoul Yoga backyard studio

Our humble backyard business now ships yoga hammocks to over 25 countries and all over the entire US. I have trained hundreds of aspiring yoga teachers in our CircuSoul Yoga studio and traveled to many studios to feature our aerial yoga teaching style. You can find our signature Flying Yoga hammock hanging in yoga studios and houses around the globe.

I turned my dream into a living reality. And so can you. I'm now facilitating and hosting international yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, Mexico, and India, and have many other countries on the horizon. If I can do what I did with the resources that I had, and a burning desire...I hope that you find inspiration in my story to take the next step in your journey.

I never took no for an answer no matter the odds. I decided long ago that it was better to fail than to never try.

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